[S sister's secret] woman "inside" something

Sexy underwear is the most intimate personal clothing, in direct contact with the private sector, its health, comfort, a direct impact on women's health. However, the selection and cleaning panties little knowledge you know how much?

Little Europe today to take you a comprehensive understanding of a woman's "inside" something!

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A selection of underwear articles:

01 to avoid the selection of poor underwear

Avoid choosing underpants because inferior dyes, if they are left on the skin for a long time, definitely increase your risk of getting caught with allergies. However, small European home underwear, the quality can be assured, regardless of dark-colored you are free to choose.


02 try to choose cotton cloth underwear

Underwear material is airtight, it is easy to cause the lower part of the female itch, vulvitis, allergies and other symptoms, the threat to the health of women. Therefore, women must choose cotton underwear when buying underwear, breathable and hygienic.


03 adhere to the principle of rather lenient

Female vaginal mouth, urethra, anal close, shorts wear tight, easy with the vulva, anus, urethra produce frequent friction, so that bacteria in this area dirt in the vagina or urethra, causing the urinary system or Reproductive system infection, so the choice of panties should be loose-based design.


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