How to evaluate the price of blue and white flowers

How to evaluate the price of blue and white flowers In recent years, the historical value and artistic value of the blue and white flower have been recognized by the academic community and have aroused the attention of the art collectors. The market price of Yuan Blue and White has been soaring. Then, is there a division of the collection of blue and white blue and white flowers and how should they be valued?

About the valuation of Yuan blue and white

With regard to the valuation of cultural artifacts, everything must conform to the law of value in a market economy. According to the law of value, the price of a commodity fluctuates around value as the market demands. In the situation where the quantity of goods and market demand are relatively stable, prices should be consistent with values. Therefore, to estimate the price, we must first determine the value. Specific to ancient artworks, they can be distinguished according to the classification criteria of cultural relics.

The national cultural relics protection policy stipulates that the first-class goods are precious cultural relics; the second-class goods are relatively precious cultural relics; the third-grade goods and third-grade goods are general cultural relics. In the art market, the price of ancient art works should also generally meet this standard. Now it is enough for first-class standard cultural relics and ancient art works. The market price should generally be more than a few million yuan; Tens of thousands to several hundred thousand yuan; three grades and below three should be below ten thousand yuan. This valuation is a simple, basic and conservative valuation criterion, and this standard is based on the current currency value. Future changes in currency value should be adjusted accordingly. In addition, under the specific circumstances, the level of rareness of a piece of art will fluctuate from its competitive level, but the standards of the three levels of value are certain.

About the level of blue and white judgment

Above, we said that the blue and white flowers have a high historical value and artistic value. This is a general statement. In fact, not every piece of blue and white is enough. As mentioned above, the blue-and-white products of blue-and-white porcelain and other porcelain kilns made using domestically-made green materials are generally small bowls, small plates, small cups, etc., which are simple in shape and pattern, and are small and small. Cans and so on. The color of blue and white flowers is also not good, the quality level is low, and the artistic value is not high. Although there are not many people in the world, it can only be counted as a general cultural relic at or below the third level.

Only the upright type of blue and white flower can be said to be a narrow blue and white flower. Although the blue-and-white and blue-and-white flowers do not have any knowledge, there is no record in the literature. However, the Yuanqing-style flower purists may be the products of the Fuliang Porcelain Bureau set up by the Yuan Dynasty in Jingdezhen, which is the official kiln products of the Yuan Dynasty. The number of blue-and-white floral devices that were added to the positive type was not long, so the number was not large. It was estimated that the total number of blue and white flowers in the world today is only one thousand, and most of them were exported in Iran and Turkey. Among them, the shape and pattern are all exquisite and no doubt belongs to the first-class treasure; the shape of the device is small, and the ornamentation is simple and can be classified as secondary or tertiary.

Yuan blue and white collection market is becoming more mature

We often hear many people in the industry telling us that the collection price of blue and white flowers is unattainable. In fact, most collectors have been very rational about the collection of ceramics in recent years. They have a certain understanding of the amount of blue-and-white flowers and the determination of the starting price. . The blue-and-white blue-and-white grades and price determinations have corresponding references. These are all due to the rapid development of the Chinese art market and the rapid growth of collectors. Future collectors of ceramics, including collectors in the fields of Yuanqinghua and Ming Dynasty, will become increasingly sophisticated.

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