Excellent shopping guide: Jewelry display methods and wearing skills!

In sales, jewelry display and wear are indispensable links, the quality of jewelry display, and the skills to wear to customers play an important role in the sale of sales. Today, I will share with you how excellent guides showcase jewelry and how to better wear it to customers.

The purpose of the jewellery display is to enable the customer to have a clearer understanding of the characteristics and quality of the product and to motivate the customer to purchase. There are methods and techniques for display. It is not just to take out the goods, so we need to make customers pay more attention to the products and stimulate customers' desires.

Ordinary display: Take out the jewelry directly to the customer by hand, and then introduce the characteristics of the product.

Excellent shopping guide: Prepare the tray of the goods, then put on the gloves, take out the goods, but did not immediately give the customer, but carefully look at it first, then carefully handed over to the customer, the process did not speak After the customer saw it for 3 seconds, he began to introduce the characteristics of this product, and kept smiling throughout the process. They all showcase the goods, but the latter tells the customer the preciousness of the jewelry and its beauty through the body language. Even the sales people can't put it down, which affects the customer's psychology. He will feel that his choice is not wrong. It will be more exciting to buy ideas.

The wearing of jewellery requires skill. Different jewellery has different wearing methods. Correct wearing not only proves its professional and skilled professional skills, but also reduces unnecessary damage and increases the life of jewellery. Wearing mistakes not only damages the goods, but more importantly, it has a bad influence on the customer's psychology.

Stud Earrings: Clamp the back ear. It is best to add a rubber plug to the back of the ear to prevent it from falling off.

Necklace: First pick up one end, let go the other end, wait until it is straight and then pick up the other end, avoid the twisting and misalignment of the necklace, learn to introduce the functions of various necklace buckle styles.

Ring: divided into male and female rings, generally easy to take, difficult to pick, here is how to pick the ring. First use one hand to pull the skin of the finger wearing the ring back and grasp it, hold the ring with the other hand, and put it up at the position of the finger belly wearing the ring, and take it down, so that the ring can be taken off smoothly. The attention of the foot gold and the thousand gold can not be too strong, and the inlaid female ring can not be used in the setting. Also need to learn to measure the circle and observe the shape of the customer's fingers.

Bracelet: The place where the gold hollow bracelet is worn is only the position of the interface. Remember that there should be no action such as pinching, pressing, squeezing, etc. The metal bracelet or the bracelet that can be opened pay attention to the axis of the lower interface when closing, easy to clip To the wearer's skin, you should gently press and hold the bracelet. The wearing and taking of the jade bracelet is more exquisite. The first is to measure and judge whether it can be worn, then wear it, and pick it up. Different jewellery wears reflect the quality and professional skills of well-trained employees, and they need to be mastered through long-term training.

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