Lancy from25 Mature women's interpretation of the beauty from the inside out

Lancy from25 brand, for the 25-50-year-old career aspiring self-evident urban mature women, to provide them with a complete range of clothing to adapt to a variety of occasions to lead the female fashion tassel dress high fashion, interpretation from within Outside the beautiful, mature women inside and outside the United States, showing female beauty heart, calm and beautiful style.

朗姿 - LANCY

Modern elegance

Elegant low-key black, coupled with a sparkling golden, elegant based on the more lively, without losing the elegant and dignified.

Lancy from25成熟女装 演绎由内而外的美丽

Intellectual art

Wanton lace multiple presentation, in different forms and graphics appear to show more artistic sense.

Lancy from25成熟女装 演绎由内而外的美丽

Natural and elegant

"Swinging the Sixties," the minimalist silhouette blends futuristic style with a textured fluffy and body-curvilinear silhouette full of visual impact.

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