Non-woven fabric requirements for calcium carbonate filled masterbatch

What is the general addition amount of calcium carbonate filled masterbatch to non-woven fabric? Compared with injection/blowing, what are the special requirements? Please expert guidance, thank you!

The three major fibers used in the production of nonwovens are polypropylene fibers (62% of the total), polyester fibers (24% of the total) and viscose fibers (8% of the total). Between 1970 and 1985, viscose fiber was the most widely used in the production of non-woven fabrics. However, in the past five years, the application of polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber has begun to dominate in the field of sanitary absorbent materials and medical textiles. In the early days of nonwovens production, nylon was used in large quantities. Since 1998, the amount of acrylic fiber has started to rise, especially in the field of artificial leather manufacturing.

The non-woven fabric is generally made of PP material, and the filling material is the same as the textile bag filling.

Filling masterbatch for polypropylene woven bags (or polypropylene pipes)   

  Formula composition (parts by mass) of random polypropylene (APP)             35

Calcium carbonate                      65

Titanate coupling agent TTS            1 .0

Stearic acid (HSt)                 2

Polyethylene wax                    0.5    

Processing conditions   APP softening point is low, the effect of coating filler is better, but the strength of the product is lower; among them, calcium carbonate can be used for hydrogen type or heavy type, but all must be coupled beforehand, and then mixed with APP and other additives. .

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