Sofeya senior women highlight the colorful youth

Sofia senior women's fashion brand in Shanghai's fashion capital. Sophia coincides with the change of women's clothing in Sofia more beautiful brand connotation. Simple to play the United States, freedom and confidence in the fashion industry has a deep visual symbol. "Beautiful youth, closely follow the trend", Sophia fashion women's brand, fashion and culture into popular women's. A collection of energetic variety, natural, playful beauty MM, together with the costume interpretation of wonderful mood. White, green brand main color, blending a variety of popular colors, highlighting the colorful youth.


Sofia senior women highlight the colorful youth

sofeya高级女装 彰显五彩斑斓的青春

Sofia senior women highlight the colorful youth

Sophia Sophisticated women located in 22 - 32 years old urban fashion women, the pursuit of career success and the love of life, the pursuit of independence in the corner of the city, the attempt to something new. The pursuit of fashion and taste, enjoy life and happy to become an artist of life. Sofia senior ladies tomorrow - fashion fresh life experience! "Sophia senior ladies in modesty, confidence, cooperation, dedication, professional, steady, low-key, progressive brand approach common progress! Sophia senior women will continue Along the professional brand promotion, social production, the franchisee road booming, invites you to share our development achievements, also wish you can join Sofia senior women's at the same time, continuous development and harvest! Sophie Accor ladies believe that only the success of customers, will bring Sophia ladies success., Sofia women's growth can not be separated from the sincere cooperation and dedication of business partners, because Sophie women willing to own Accumulate the brand advantage of the market as a platform, win-win cooperation with business partners to share the generous returns brought by the brand.

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