Japan's enterprise functional fabric research and development

For Japanese trading companies, the key words in the Spring/Summer 2013 OEM exhibition are undoubtedly the “functional fabrics and ASEAN fabrics procurement”. In recent days, Japanese companies have launched functional fabrics independently researched and developed. At the same time, they have demonstrated their respective fabrics procurement advantages in Indonesia and Thailand. Although this trend has started since last year, the industry has indicated that the momentum of the stock will perform stronger in the spring and summer of 2013.

Mitmag's independently developed processing technology, Diamagic, which was launched at Mitsubishi Corporation's Fashion Fair (MCF) from July 11th to July 12th, was the most attractive and highly praised. The technology is currently used in functional white denim fabrics. For the spring/summer 2013 market, in addition to functional fabrics, Mitsubishi Corporation has also added proposals for a variety of products including bags, hats, and umbrellas. The company also developed Diarush processing technology to prevent common problems such as yellowing of fabrics, aging, antibacterial, and deodorant. At the same time, the company's waterproof and moisture-permeable Diaple technology will be sold as products under the ThreeDiaTechnic brand with the other two technologies developed in the previous period, which will greatly benefit the promotion and sales of the company's OEM products.

Mitsui & Co., InterFashion Co., Ltd. developed Deofact, a new fabric for quick-drying, anti-bacterial, deodorant, and deodorizing functions for the spring/summer 2013 market, which is also a key promotional product for the company's spring/summer market. At the same time, it also developed a new product, HotMoist, with the functions of moisturizing, hygrothermal, antistatic, etc., and hopes to use it in the autumn and winter market. The company also hopes to increase the customer’s interest in knitted functional fabrics by increasing the diversity of sweaters in the proposal to increase the volume of inquiry.

ITOCHU Corporation has not been outdone in the research and development of functional fabrics, and has launched products such as wrinkle-free hemp, Ice Cotton and OutLast, and has been promoting functional fabric products. Sumikin has expanded its product range of Memorich. The company also developed its new product, NaturaldyeCool, and its highly water-resistant NEONOCX fabrics in cooperation with Shikibo Corporation, demonstrating its strength in functional products. The industry expects that in the spring and summer of 2013, the appearance of functional fabrics and independent fabric products will tend to be normal and diversified.

Under the influence of the "China+1" production system (there is a processing and production base in China and a production base in Southeast Asia as a reserve resource), more and more Japanese manufacturers are choosing to produce fabrics in ASEAN. TAMURA company set up a counter at the exhibition to introduce the company's fabric products purchased in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other places. ITOCHU Corporation has also added proposals for sewing and processing in Asia, particularly Vietnam and Myanmar, on the basis of product processing in India and Vietnam.

In the past two years, exhibitions specially set up for "China+1" have often been seen at trade fairs in Japan, and various trading companies are actively promoting the introduction of sewing and processing bases. In the spring and summer 2013 product market, various trading companies also made full use of the EPA (Economy Economic Cooperation Agreement) to give priority to efforts to strengthen the promotion of ASEAN fabric procurement.

Affected by the appreciation of the Japanese yen, the Japanese OEM's OEM business volume has been steadily growing. At present, the trading companies are also beginning to seriously consider how to ensure their uniqueness and special status. In addition to factors such as the enhancement of proprietary technology and functional fabric products, the purchase of fabrics will also become a new focus of competition among the various trading companies.

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