mioim Mi Oumi fashion women work and life are all-inclusive

Modern urban women, whether they are working or living, have become increasingly sophisticated in their choice of clothing. They must not only satisfy their intellectual and feminine tastes at work, but also choose a suitable clothing brand important! Mioim Mi Omi advocates fashion, elegance, emphasizing the duality of modern white-collar women's work and life, as well as diverse mix and match styles worn on different occasions, launching hundreds of new models on a quarterly basis. Maintain the fashion and elegant classic dress style.


mioim Mi Omi since its inception insist on providing the popular price of fashion products, has always insisted on giving customers the most cost-effective affordable, mid-range price positioning, high-end brand image, so that consumers get great value for money products.

Mature women with a young mind 25-40-year-old urban white-collar workers as Mi Omi target customers, a certain social status, a certain degree of knowledge and cultural taste, self-confidence and independent temperament.

mioim米欧米时尚女装  让工作与生活面面俱到

Elegant, intellectual, fashion, Mi Omega accurate interpretation of our ideas and needs of modern fashion life, designers with simple design, close and smooth tailoring, sketched mioim Mi Omi unique elegance, intellectual fashion style.

mioim米欧米时尚女装  让工作与生活面面俱到

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