How to open a profitable lingerie franchise

How to open a profitable lingerie franchise

Relative to the apparel industry, the underwear industry is still relatively good to do, the market is not saturated, high profit margins, but not just to join a lingerie store to open up to make money, why is it? The following small series to explain to you under the underwear industry market it!

Quotes: To choose the local market to choose to join the underwear brand

The consumption level of each city commercial circle is different, the crowd is different, the adaptation consumption is different from nature, if you do not understand the local consumer market, consumer groups, blindly join the underwear shop, certainly not play the best effect. For example, in the North, the relative size of the underwear is too large. Naturally, it is necessary to choose a larger size. Similarly in some locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the consumption is relatively high. If you spread the goods, the situation should not be much better. Of course, the specific place is specific. analysis. Join underwear brand to choose the right place + the right crowd + the right brand.

Quote 2: Underwear brands want to have successful shop experience and have good store support policies

The underwear is joined by the retail business of the store. Since it is retail, the store is very important for a franchisee. Although it is a small shop, the content inside, there are many operations, such as stock returns, sales systems, promotional activities, after-sales service, etc., so it is very important to join an underwear brand with successful brand experience, is the direct-operated stores, there is a perfect shop Support will make your shop much easier.

Quote 3: underwear products have a complete return policy and advertising support

Want to do underwear franchise, lingerie brand has good return policy and advertising support is the key to profit maximization, although the underwear industry does not update the speed of the apparel industry in all seasons, but if there is no good return and exchange Advertising promotion policies are also prone to large amounts of inventory, resulting in losses, so a good return policy and strong promotions are necessary.

Quote 4: Lingerie franchise needs a comprehensive talent training system

What kind of person should you keep in underwear shop? Store manager and shopping guide. Many shop owners have found that the frequency of shop managers and shopping guides is high, affecting shop business. Why is this? It is understood that everyone needs to support their families, but their enthusiasm is not high, other places must be high ** high demand, suddenly found here to try to buy guides have a try first. If the underwear brand does not have a comprehensive talent training system, it will not inspire employees to work passionately or even pursue something, change their attitudes, and determine results. Therefore, there is a comprehensive talent training system for lingerie brand stores that is necessary for the long-term development of underwear store health.

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