Small public ceremony and the little prince's party artifact - Meilunini children's winter 2015 new market

Childhood, is the dream of everyone in the paradise, flowing in the time of the cute childlike like a flower in my heart slowly blooming. No matter how the world changes, and you spend carefree, intimate years of growth, always exciting! Brand positioning: Melody Nini located in the fashion, elegant girl. The main design object is in the 3 to 10 years old, height 100-140 cm European and Korean style of fashion casual children's clothing. Unique design to ensure that every piece of clothing cropped decent, simple and smooth, fine workmanship, more comfortable to wear. From the perspective of the real girl looking for design inspiration, fully reflects the child sweet, refined, noble, elegant and other personal qualities. Let every little girl become a beautiful princess. Design concept: Meilunini brand children's clothing with its unique character to explain children's fashion. On the basis of safe and comfortable, with its stylish touch to interpret the trend of the new season, so that childhood sweet into fashion colors. Its design concept to children's clothing is also fashion, sports, add joy and fun for childhood.

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