Fan Baabe children wear European children's clothing brand upstart

FANABAL children, FANAPAL, a "European children's clothing" brand upstart. A committed to the "designer brand" professional ladies children's clothing. FANAPAL FANAPAL to European culture as the foundation, the aristocratic elements, romantic elements, fantasy elements, fashion elements into the store space, at the same time will be seasonally invited European famous color experts to Fanabel's core flagship store grand release European children's new fashion. Fanapal brand children's clothing in the product design to fully consider the psychological needs of children growing up, emphasizing fashion, leisure and comfort, refined and elegant combination. Stressed up and down with the level of internal and external, bright and harmonious, stylish bold design. In the choice of fabric follow the natural, sunshine green, environmental protection of the international principles. In the details of the embodies our love and care of children in the market to establish a good brand awareness and reputation. Fanapal Fanabel brand design highlight children's clothing costumes playful and cute. At the same time take into account the fashion trend to absorb European children's clothing style, emphasizing the refined and elegant, and a unique handmade doll brand identity. Make Fanapal Fanabe children's clothing brand style has always followed the international fashion trend, the product is in the leading position in the domestic market. Fanapal (Fanabal) brand to European-style, hand-doll-decorated features, emphasizing the fashion, leisure and comfort, both exquisite and elegant content.

Full Round Pageant Crowns is anther kinds of pageant crowns, all the crowns in full round shaped. The diameter of the crowns from 3in to 7.5 inch or more longer. And the height from 2inch height to 6inch height or more higher. Which including heart shaped full round crowns, star shaped Pageant Crowns, cross shaped crowns, big flower shaped full round crows, snowflake shaped crowns and other various shaped full Round Pageant Crowns. And which popular used for mom pageant, national pageant and big state pageant festival.

All the crowns made by high quality crystal rhinestones. Silver/gold plated both available. The color of the crystal on the crowns could be changed as customer`s request.

Full Round Crowns

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