Join what children's clothing to see first Bo Xilai buy villas in Nice

As the highest ministerial official in the country under trial, Bo Xilai is a recent social focus. It is noteworthy that Bo Xilai accepted the bribe of Xu Ming, the general manager of Dalian Shide. By purchasing a carefully designed "montage" road map and purchasing the Nice villa in France, Bo Xilai's core objective is to cover up crime and reduce taxes and fees. To ensure that the control of the villa. In response to Bo Xilai's deny, Xu Ming testified: "At that time, Gu Kailai chatted with me in the middle of their home restaurant and took photos of his computer. Bo Xilai sat down beside the table after entering the house and smoothly picked up the real estate on the table The picture looked down and down, then Gu Kailai said to Bo Xilai: 'This set of French real estate is what I said before let Xu Ming funded to buy in Nice, France, as a business property, the future to leave melon He will have a steady income. "Bo Xilai nodded as he used to." Villa Fontaine Saint Georges, a Villa with Mediterranean Sea views, is located in the "Wall Street Journal" On a hillside in Cannes, the resort is a six-bedroom mansion with a swimming pool and a 4,000-m² garden. In 2001, the French company Résidences Fontaine St. Georges, which owns the house, bought the villa for 2.2 million euros ($ 2.9 million). Why did Bo Xilai buy a villa in Nice? In fact, more than one person bought Bo Xilai Villa in Nice, the world's many stars, rich, artists are home in Nice, mainly due to its unique location and climate. Enchanted by the mountains of southern France, facing the vast Mediterranean Sea, the warmth of the warmth of the winter and the cool climate of Nice make Nice on the 7,500-meter stretch of coastline among the finest luxury villas, superb shops and top value art galleries from around the world The rich and the artists have come to this place of wealth and art. If Paris is the fashion capital of France, Nice is the "capital of the rich" in Europe and the birthplace of fashion in the world. In the Provence lavender fragrance blowing in the Mediterranean sea breezes and warm sunbathing, in the annual Cannes movie art appreciation, the world's top designers with the most exuberant creativity to create a piece of fashion Artwork sent to Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai ... "Lapin de Nice" is a famous children's clothing brand originating in Nice, France, one of the most attractive gold coast cities in the world. It can cooperate with the French three major brands CATIMINI , IKKS, CONFETTI comparable. Nice Rabbit is a fairy tale widely circulated in the country. It often teases and copes the wolves with clever, naughty, witty and brave ways, and is remembered by local children from generation to generation. The "Nice Rabbit" children's wear is also warmly welcomed by children of different color in the world with its noble, fashionable, lively and naughty features. Nice rabbit children's clothing originates from Nice in France. Its product style is mainly based on "simplicity and fashion". In order to meet the nature of children pursuing happiness, the company proposes to abandon the printing with harmful substances and create "the first happy children's clothing" through the style design. In June 2013, experts from CCTV China Influential Group Brand Committee awarded the organizing committee of "Nice Rabbit Brand Children's Clothing" and "CCTV China Influential Brand Enterprise" of Guangzhou Failaisi Garment Co., Ltd. Quality of survival, innovation and development, in good faith to win the market, using quality to establish a brand, shaping the "love brand" and "happy children's clothing" is also known in the industry. Bo Xilai bribed the acquisition of mansions in Nice law can not be tolerated, while the majority of friends joined Nice rabbit children's clothing, relying on the brand's strong influence and perfect sales service to rely on labor to get rich is the right way ah. Nice rabbit children's clothing spring and summer 2014 will be ordering the "Meet Cannes Spring" will be staged on September 18-28 grandly, would like to greedy customers who do not want to miss the golden policy of preferential period ah!

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