Enterprises Should Pay Attention to Export Garment Component Testing

A few days ago, due to unsatisfactory compositional marks, a batch of garments exported to Japan that were exported from a clothing company in Shanshan was reworked. It is understood that the batch of garments lost to Japan is a ladies' cotton shirt, and its washing mark is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. After testing, the actual composition of the fabric is 55.2% cotton and 44.8% polyester, and the actual composition is inconsistent with the label.

According to the investigation and analysis, there are some reasons for the inconsistency between the clothing ingredient labeling and the reality: First, some clothing processing companies are not aware of the risk, blindly believe that the labeling information provided by the fabric supplier is not timely tested and verified, and the second is the clothing of the enterprise. Poor logo management, the presence of incorrect or non-standard ingredient identification problems; Third, in order to reduce costs, some companies use some blended fabric through the appearance of the characteristics of the components can not be easily identified.

In this regard, the inspection and quarantine department reminded relevant companies to: First, to master domestic and foreign technical regulations, strictly in accordance with the requirements of exporting countries to organize production, standardize the export of clothing composition identification; Second, to strengthen the inspection of components, the error-prone multi-fiber component blended products , should be entrusted with a qualified laboratory for testing, and then based on the test results to produce fabric component identification; Third, we must increase product awareness of risk, component identification is the basic information of textile and garment quality, related to corporate reputation and consumer right to know. At the same time, the procurement of good raw materials, should choose a good supplier of good textile fabrics, especially in recent years, cotton prices rose sharply, but also pay attention to shoddy phenomenon.

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