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Shenzhen Feng Yan clothing production mainly Giordano T-shirt / Giordano cotton T-shirt / autumn and winter Giordano T-shirt Wholesale / Giordano cotton T-shirt / manufacturers Giordano wholesale / lapel Giordano T-shirt / V collar Giordano / wholesale Giordano cotton T shirt / men Giordano T-shirt / women Giordano autumn / custom-made to increase Giordano autumn T-shirt / autumn Giordano T-shirt manufacturers / fall Giordano T-shirt wholesale / autumn T-shirt wholesale. Long sleeves 9-16 yuan, short sleeves 8-12 yuan, 300 from the grant, you can mix batches. The company set its own garment factory mainly produces Giordano T-shirt, the spot sales and to OEM business mode, all kinds of color fabric shirt, T-shirts are available in a large number of spot. According to customer requirements and provide computer embroidery (logo) and fabric printing services, professional gifts for the majority of companies, advertising agencies and enterprises and institutions joint venture services. Tel: QQ:

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