Often wear high heels and feet deformable

Miss Zhang, a 20-year-old citizen, is a beautiful woman who wears high heels almost every day on weekdays. However, she recently discovered that her thumb was deformed on her feet and her thumb roots projected outwards. A large bag bulged on the inside of the thumb, making it particularly easy to wear the foot when wearing shoes, and pain when walking. It is getting harder and harder to choose the right shoes.

Because of the pain, Miss Zhang came to the Shenzhen Pingle Orthopedic Hospital last month. After diagnosis, Miss Zhang suffered from hallux valgus deformity. "Women often wear high heels are particularly susceptible to this disease." Zhang Yong, director of trauma orthopaedics at the hospital, told reporters yesterday that hallux valgus is a type of deformity in which the thumb is deflected to the outside and exceeds the normal range.

After the hallux valgus, the inner edge of the thumb bone forms a protuberance, and when the shoe is worn, the protuberance is squeezed to cause inflammation and pain, which means bunionitis. The most common cause of hallux valgus is the wearing of narrow high-heeled high-heeled shoes, resulting in an imbalance in the internal muscles of the foot, which eventually leads to more and more serious external deformity of the thumb and increasing bulging inside. A long time will find that the forefoot becomes wider and wider. Not only is it difficult to choose a shoe, but because of walking too much, it will be very painful.

Nowadays, women often wear high heels, and more and more patients are undergoing correction for hallux valgus deformity in the hospital. Pingle Hospital traumatic orthopedic department will visit more than 10 such patients every month. This seemingly simple disease is not easy to treat. There are various methods. In order to avoid surgery, Zhang Yong thinks that you are in early prevention. When the citizens find their feet uncomfortable early, they should see a doctor early. Early wear of orthopedic shoes and socks can be corrected. When the disease progresses to the later stage, surgical intervention is necessary. There are traditional open surgery and new minimally invasive surgery.

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