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As a domestic fashion industry gathering place, Shenzhen has set up Shenzhen Fashion Week, which is in line with international standards, fully demonstrating the infinite energy of this oriental fashion frontier. Shenzhen Fashion Week takes into account independent design and commercial brands, connecting design and industry, attracting from Professionals to the public's attention, vision from the local to the international, committed to successfully create a platform to promote cutting-edge fashion.

Shenzhen Fashion Week is sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Economic and Trade and Information Technology Commission organized, Shenzhen City Garment Industry Association contractors, joint strategic partnership of global fashion industry leaders IMG International Management companies together to create a global fashion week, in Founded in 2015, it is held in Shenzhen every March and has been successfully held for four times.

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The information of Shenzhen Fashion Week is unified by the official website (http://), the official WeChat subscription number “Shenzhen Fashion Week”, and the official Sina Weibo “Shenzhen Fashion Week”. The information of all other platforms is for reference only, not as official information. .

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If you have any other questions, you can leave a message to the WeChat public in the Fashion Week, or send an e-mail . Please do not trust the information of other platforms and organizations, beware of being deceived.

Shenzhen Fashion Week Review


Main show: Shenzhen Contemporary Art and Urban Planning Museum

Shenzhen Fashion Week integrates art with fashion and life, and strives to nurture, discover and promote fashion design and cultural innovation, and make the city and life full of the beauty and vitality of fashion art, perfectly explaining the mission of urban humanity construction.

A/W2018 Shenzhen Fashion Week once again opened the “Shenzhen Time” of the Global Fashion Week show, with the theme of “Art and Fashion Zero Distance”, grafted the mainstream resources and system of the International Fashion Week, and incorporated into the global fashion release operation system, combining the advantages of Shenzhen industry brand. It reflects the positioning of “international platform, original design, commercial landing, and national fashion”. It is committed to creating an interconnected platform for fashion, art and design across borders, further deepening the fashion charm of Shenzhen International Humanities City, and once again becoming the focus of fashion in the world.

More than 200 brands and designers from more than 10 countries and regions around the world brought 80 art and fashion shows here, with more than 80,000 visitors and visitors.

During the Fashion Week, the main venues of the two pavilions, the Big Wave sub-meeting venue, the Happy Coast and even the whole of Shenzhen have become the stage for the fashion crowd. “Leaky Pink – Ding Yong Painting and Fashion Show”, Fashion Blessed – 2018 Shenzhen (Futian) Fashion Industry Summit Forum, Tony & Tony's Private Exhibition, etc., let the fashion boom surge in Pengcheng, showing a national fashion festival.


Main show: Shenzhen OCT Happy Coast

A/W2017 Shenzhen Fashion Week opened three major shows, more than 200 brands and designers from more than 10 countries and regions around the world contributed nearly 80 fashion shows, and the total number of visitors was over 60,000.

In just one week, nearly 80 big shows will completely play the fashion week show, which can be described as innovations and highlights: the mainstream influence brands are still strong, young brands have appeared in the new design trends, and the theme of the show is diverse. Combined with art, life, literature, and trends.

Numerous mature fashion brands have been deeply involved in the market segment, and their young brands have appeared in the market, injecting fresh vitality into the diversified fashion market. The international design strength is not losing momentum. Well-known overseas designers have taken advantage of Shenzhen Fashion Week to expand the domestic market and bring In addition, the Chinese elements are still popular in the show, and the designers are looking for inspiration from the long-standing Chinese culture, and have more innovations in materials and design techniques, showing more rich three-dimensional Oriental aesthetics...


Main show: Shenzhen OCT Happy Coast

A/W2016 Shenzhen Fashion Week lasted for 8 days, and attracted more than 100 domestic and foreign authoritative media tracking reports. Among them, LeTV and other media also conducted a full-time live broadcast of Fashion Week, with a media attention of 60 million.

In addition, Shenzhen Fashion Week also invited a number of domestic and foreign stars and fashionistas and other guests to attend the grand event, the scene of international gatherings. The closing party was also star-studded, and international supermodels such as Mengmeng Yao and Wang Xinyu helped to celebrate the successful ending of this fashion event.

A/W2016 Shenzhen Fashion Week further strengthens the role of fashion advanced power platform, including factor agglomeration, international cooperation, and efforts to promote design innovation, further improving in scale and level, attracting more than 200 from more than 10 countries and regions around the world. Brand and designer brand new appearance, Shenzhen Fashion Week with "international platform, original design, commercial landing, national fashion" as the positioning, actively grafting the international fashion week mainstream resources and systems, into the global fashion week release sequence, is becoming an international fashion map An important part of.

The glamour of Shenzhen Fashion Week is not just on the T-stage. It also builds a business docking platform for every agent, investor and buyer who cares about fashion, and builds a platform for buyers and brands to display and communicate. And the business model to further promote the development of the industry.

A/W2019 Shenzhen Fashion Week

Time: March 2019

Location: OCT Happy Coast

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